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i like to describe myself as an ayyyyyysexual

not into sex, really into puns

Jeopardy at 7:30!


Since we can’t miss the teen tournament. 

How this is going to work: 

  • Sam will take on the appearance of Alex Trebek. 
  • The answer will be shown on the screen. We will all make guesses and/or snide comments in a skype IM chat, or with dramatic hand gestures.  
  • Meanwhile, Sam will be googling it, and provide the correct answer when we find out whether or not the contestant got the points. 
  • If they did not get the points, we will assume that the contestant guessed something outrageous. 
  • To avoid Monday’s problem, in which we wanted everybody to win, we will spend every commercial break bitching about kids today in order to work up a general animosity towards the contestants. 
  • There will be hard cider for everybody but Sam as we don’t want to inhibit their touch-typing abilities. 

If you’re interested, show up around 7:15 so that we’ll have time to add you to the Skype chat. 

- Sam, Lillian, Marco and Roger

(the silence storyall the goings-on)

friend: i read that book you recommended
me: did you like it?
friend: loved it!
me: good! [pulls out 400 page thesis and tabbed, color-coded binders] let's discuss headcanons

I like to imagine that at some point or another, Jean or Ororo objected to the name “x-men”, but agreed that “x-people” sounded really stupid

and that Raven spent a week trying to think of alternate names for the Brotherhood, but decided that “Personhood” was kind of anthesis and “Fellowship” sounded too friendly

but that they’ve made deals with Charles and Erik, respectively, that they get to name the next thing . 

Chloe vs. The Trash Can

(I will never watch that scene in the same way again)

People come up to me at conventions and say things that are so sweet and endearing and, you know, like they admire me and what I’ve done, and I just don’t know how to respond because I do feel very unworthy of that. But I do appreciate it, and I guess the one honest thing I can say about it is it definitely is something that I think about, and I definitely feel like, all right, well I should try to be—if you know, if anyone, whether it’s, you know, my son, or someone who I don’t know, but if anyone is looking up to me, I should do my best to be the best person I can be. And so I definitely think it helps give me motivation to try, myself, to be a better person, and that has been good for me.

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I feel like we need a new ending for homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, et cetera 

because those terms tends to imply a more consciously held belief (bisexuals are in denial, you do WHAT that’s gross, outright awfulness or weirdness at trans people,) instead of a lack of understanding.

It’d be nice if those things fit with an -ist, because that would just mean that there’s a bias— like how people can be unconsciously racist, sexist, ableist. 

But we throw around the -phobic as though people are either afraid of GLBTQIA people or are very aware of the fact that what they’re saying is hurtful, when in fact they may not be— because they are either uneducated or don’t realize that they have this prejudice

unfortunately homoist, biist, transist, etc, don’t exactly role off the tongue, and also a more accurate description would be attraction-ist, number-of-genders-attracted-to-ist, gender-identity-ist, and those are even less catchy



So there actually ARE terms for this which you might not be aware of! The “-phobia” suffix is still useful because there are people who are very aware that they are hurting LGBTQ+ people  and still do it. I for one still want to “through around the -phobic” when referring to people who beat up LGBTQ+ people for example. However, especially in the past few years there’s been a rise in terms like heterosexist and cissexist. (In my opinion, monosexist should also be a thing because bi people are attacked from all directions. And probably also one that relates to asexuality, but I can’t think of what that would be.)

The difference between heterosexist and homophobic is that heterosexist means that, intentionally or not, your actions and words are upholding heterosexual as the norm and othering (or entirely erasing) non hetero people as a result. Heterosexism comes from privilege and often accidental abuse of power and privilege, and to me that sounds like what you’re talking about. Likewise, cissexism is when people say or do things that imply that cis is the norm. For example, saying that reproductive rights are solely a women’s issue and ignoring trans men and genderqueer people who also can get pregnant is cissexist.

The biggest problems with these terms is that they can be misleading. Lots of people first encounter the word cissexism and think it means being mean to cis people, when in fact it’s closer to the opposite. However, they are very useful words to have in your toolbox because you’re totally right that that -phobias are used too broadly and don’t fully articulate what’s really happening. Hopefully this is helpful!

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I’ve herd folks using cissexism instead of transphobia and heterosexism instead of homophobia. Also, I use heteronormativity a lot more than homophobia because I feel like it covers the small stuff more and people aren’t as defensive about it…

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Another way to look at the terms ending with -phobic, is also realizing that homophobic individuals are not afraid of gays, but are afraid that it will be a normal part of society.

Ha yeah I loved that post that went around a while back: “You are not afraid of gay people. You are an asshole.” 


look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

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The Hulk ain’t never lied.

I can’t even express how much respect I have for Mark Ruffalo.  The dude’s on the US terrorism watchlist for fuck’s sake.

Omg, it’s true

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I think Misha had something to say…